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Leider lief das Abwaschwasser so laut, dass ich nicht genau feststellen konnte, ob Bush nun keine Sätze bilden konnte oder ob es das spritzende Rührstäbchen war, was mich ablenkte. Auf jeden Fall erinnert der Ausdruck Bushism an das, was ein Dozent mit schütterem Haar mal als Lübkewitze in die Studentenmenge einwarf und nur leere Mienen erntete. Erst später habe ich das überhaupt verstanden, als ich mal den Lübkeausspruch las "equal goes it loose".

Yesterday it was the first time after years I've heard an american imitating european english. Sounded very cool. Hope only, he doesnt think this is original german.
The rest of his talk was something between bla and bla. I dont know, how can you talk 2 hours from B to DS without any real theme?

I think my life is going to be something between courses and classes, between DAF (German as a foreign language) and other things. Hope that lets me stay here in L., but times are hard, so this is one of my various dreams...
But its fine to feel like a DAFling. :)

Reading most about United Nations so far; also about the mad structures of the European Union with its doubled institutions. I really don't want to know, how much money is wasted, because they have all things as well as in Strasbourg as in Bruxelles.

Economics book is good, many graphics so far. I don't like to read that shit. If I am accepted, I think I will not go into economic sector, but this is like talking about the college-education of someone unborn.

This test is going to be challenging I know. But how should I know to be accepted? Now it is not more than half and a week until the test in Berlin and I've to read about globalization as well as the highest mountains abroad. It's only the psychological testing that scares me NOT. But, OK. It's so far the only chance I got for a job anyway.

There has been heavy rain from about 7 until 9 in the morning. Nothing special. This is going to be the new weather as we have to like it. YES. AGB

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